Exit pop up

Make your marketing even more effective.

Don’t let visitors disappear from your online store.

Bring them back with an exit pop up.

What is an exit pop up?

Every day, everyone encounters situations where they want to close a website or navigate to another one after using it. In such cases, the website loses a potential customer, which is painful for an online store owner because if this happens frequently, the marketing expenses won’t be justified. There won’t be enough customers.

Therefore, the exit pop up helps you retain fewer users. Encourage more people to make purchases or subscribe to your newsletter.

I’m trying out the exit pop-up function!

What can an exit pop-up do?

  • You can use it for many things, and each topic offers different possibilities.
  • You can display a coupon or discount that the user can immediately redeem. You can offer a useful downloadable content in exchange for their email address.

Any offer that at least some of your customers respond to and not leave the site.

I’m trying out the exit pop-up function!